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About me:Don't get me started!
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Hot Buttered Rum & Poor Mans Whiskey-Petaluma 12/12/09
Wed 12/16/2009 10:25AM
Let me start by saying although I've heard HBR 4 times I've never seen them..2 times at Crystal Bay sold out listened from the casino...and twice at Las Tortugas where I was volunteering..they played during my shifts...So this was my first time seeing them...& I have to say I'm a fan now more than before...A couple hightlights..A great version of the Grateful Dead's Loose Lucy into a great version of the Band's Up on cripple creek that included a very difficult mid song band swap from HBR> Poor Man's Whiskey>Hot Buttered Pooor Man's Whiskey Rum...swapping drummers without missing a beat!! as always The Randy Teaford & the sound crew at the mystic with the million dollar little mystery as HBR got ready for thier 2nd encore they stated this was gonna be a Mother Hips a huge Hips fan I was jazzed to see what they would pull out....but alas they played 9 to 5 by Dolly P? sill wondering was this an inside joke