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About me:I love life, I mean i know its sucks, of course it does its fucking life, but i do i love life. So without music i couldn't love life no way,could anyone, with all of today's hustle and bustle(shit) you need mellow out time,mellow down time, hell mellow up time i don't care but its your time and i do care that everyone gets that. I love the outdoors and so many other things here's a few(Writing,School,concerts,aliens,my acoustic guitar,peace,love,and happiness always)of my favorite things!! I'm going to school to become a Marine Biologist and a Zoologist because i love polar bears and well quite frankly i don't see anything better to do with life as of late than become a scientist. I've loved science forever why not huh fuck it.
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Location:Gulliver, MI
Music means to me:Freedom to let ones mind wander into where ever they want to go. To escape today's, yesterdays, and tomorrows shit. For me to know and you to guess where I went and what I'm feeling at the point of no return. Music is so much to me its hard to put into words but since writing is my other life i can put anything into words(a very special gift)!! Music is everywhere. Just look around mother nature plays you her tunes everyday. I mean what is as beautiful as the sound of thunder and rain with lightning as a eye catcher. Mother nature even knows that light attracts any ones attention. The sound of the beach at sun rise, or the wind blowing across the open field of diamonds in December. Music to my ears is a good solo from the heart i don't care what instrument, no words, a musician can make words with music alone. Music has a huge impact on my life and I would not have it any other way.
Schools:In college now currently attending blank and mastering in Marine Biology and Zoology. The hardest adventure of my life so far. I love a challenge bring it. I got ten years ahead of me got to think some how so might as well be blessed i learned from my mistake of not going earlier in life by going later in life. I enjoyed my twenties now i must learn more and school will help with that. So my thirties i dedicated to that, all of my thirties. I'm nuts i know but what scientist isn't in a way. My dream was always to become a scientist now i am. Fuck all ya who didn't believe.
General Interests:Getting my Phd in both my areas of study. Long days ahead but fun ones for sure. I have hopes of traveling the world while I'm doing this.(Kill two birds with one stone theory).I also very much believe in aliens, other planets as our own, and worse over 2012!!!:( Scary times are ahead of us but I'm guessing if its a big government skeem. They would and are making so much money off this end time shit.I do believe our time is near and I KNOW I will be going out a happy camper.Camping, another, big hobby of mine or interest rather and I always save the best for last. I love Beautiful women(I loose(: there all beautiful). I love sex. I love eating specially Italian food. After all i am mostly Italian. Peace
Other Distractions:I write all my own music and i play the acoustic guitar. I own a Martin. Its the most beautiful sounding guitar. Worth every cent.That's a lot of cents. I write poetry, stories, ect. Basically i love to write. A very special gift from god or the likes there of. In any case I'm a happy being and i have a happy soul.I love to live so i try hard to make sure my life is never too dull. I don't like boring. All in all, there's too much to say and i bet like five people will of have read into my bio this far lol. To those that have though i give you but a speck of my mind its a vast vast place.A sea so large most can not compromise. Thanks and seriously and if you read this far get a hold of me something must of peeked your interest so holla back!! :) Peace Love Happiness Always!!
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