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About me:Just another crazy chick on the outside with a whole lot of substance on the inside. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my life is an open book to anyone willing to stop and read me. I'm a friend to all I meet and I love the friends I have as much as the one's I've yet to meet! Music is the glue in my life that holds it all together.
Member Since:September 10, 2009
Last Login:November 11, 2011
Location:Pelham, AL
Birthday:June 11
Music means to me:it's the rhythm that my heart beats to and the common thread among all who hear it.
Schools:hard knocks
General Interests:new age philosophy, poetry, astrology, tantra, blogging, upcycled sewing and crafting, singing, writing, learning just about anything...
Other Distractions:Being a mom, being a friend, and just about anything that can be done outside or involves music.


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