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About me:I'm a jr. at Indiana University here in Bloomington, IN. I'm majoring in history and I just love music.
Member Since:September 28, 2004
Last Login:April 17, 2010
Location:Bloomington, IN
Birthday:November 7
Music means to me:music, It's what I need to keep my sanity
Schools:Indiana University
General Interests:tennis, coffee, vodka, beer, girls, hookah, pipes, guinness, stoli, nashville, chicago, chicago bulls, history, pre-civil war southern race relations, ipod, small ball, bloomington, flasks, white russians, concerts, shows, bars, irish pubs, coffee houses, law...
Other Distractions:TV: Seinfeld, Office, Weeds, Dexter,
Movies: Blow, Almost Famous, City of God, Fear and Loathing: in Las Vegas, Closer, the big lebowski, vanilla sky, pulp fiction, kill bill, little miss sunshine,
Books:the sickness unto death, Fear and Trembling, Kierkegaard, beyond good and evil, Nietzsche, C.S. Lewis, bible, Hunter S. Thompson, I love to read too many books and authors to list...


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