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About me:Lucky enough to have grown up on the beach and gone to school in New Orleans. Never want to live more than 3 hours from the holy land (or unholy, depending on how you look at it). Spent 6 years in the Air Force, made a couple of all expense paid trips to southwest Asia, don't care to go back. Married to the most amazing woman in the world who is remarkably comfortable with my obsession with live music.
Member Since:October 12, 2007
Last Login:July 22, 2015
Location:Gulf Breeze, FL
Birthday:November 25
Music means to me:Everything
Schools:Tulane University, New Orleans
General Interests:my wonderful wife, sailing, my dogs, baseball, reading, good beer, college football, snowboarding, the beach, shitty beer, Jeeps, kayaking, running, camping
Other Distractions:the interweb


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