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About me:Hello ! I'm Brian, a musician for over 20 years. Having played a variety of musical styles and gigs from Michigan to California. I released a CD mainly used for Massage Practice and Music Guided Meditation in 2007 called "Orca's Trance" very heady relaxation music. Check it out !

I am also a percussionist that loves playing afro-cuban, latin beats. I gig....but have yet to find a bunch of gypsy folk talent to actually stick around together long enough to make something happen. Nonetheless, I love the opportunity to express music and see the pro's in action. Perhaps we too will see eachother one day to express freely this joy of music.
Member Since:July 3, 2010
Last Login:July 23, 2010
Location:Oak View, CA
Birthday:June 23
Music means to me:~ It's a feeling that creates a sense of entitlement to those that allow themselves to let go and be absorbed by the vibrations that emanate from the music ~
Schools:Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences
General Interests:Heads up to Bluegrass musicians.....I pic some Bluegrass Guitar and would be down to kick some jams. Ofcourse location is a must.
Other Distractions:I am a Tennis Junkie and compete in Southern Cal. Open division currently ranked somewhere in the high 100's in so. cal.


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