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About me:About me:
I love Stella and pretty much everything on Adult Swim. I am unbelievably obsessed with music and I LOVE tea! I believe the world is what you make it....we each have our own individual reality, so there for you create the world you live in. You are a co-creator in this life what would you like your life to be? I am a caretaker in a group home for mentally handicapped adults, and take care of their daily needs. I have opinions strong opinions.... i will try my best not to press my opinions on you so please lets try together!...the fact is we are both right, just seeing it in a different light "I have always strenuously supported the Right of every Man to his own opinion, however different that opinion might be to mine" (Thomas Paine) I go to school for Massage therapy and I am also going for energy work. I enjoy working with energy, It's a whole different kind of art form. I enjoy meeting inspirational people, i love people who make me think but more than that i love people with a witty sense of humor, make me laugh and your my best friend for life.
Member Since:May 29, 2005
Last Login:November 20, 2008
Location:Milwaukee, WI
Birthday:May 3
Music means to me:Life, Energy, Relaxation, Happiness, Friends, basically Music is everything to me and it's hard to stamp it with one exact feeling it just fuels everything in my life!
Schools:Southwest, St. Johns Northwestern Military Academy
General Interests:Energy, Auras, Crystals and Gems, Reiki, Accupressure, Massage Therapy,alternative medicine, EATING RAW FOOD! Being Vegan and enjoying Life.
Other Distractions:anything shiny or that makes noise


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