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LOVE.. MY DAUGHTER MALEEHA, MY SELF, CREATION, EXISTANCE, whatever contains or presides over this world - I make no assumptions. FAMILY FIRST. Family is what you make it, I have family that I don't share blood with. A beautiful soul who wears my human shell well. Loving those the way I say I do and not ever telling a person I don't like that I am their friend. SELF-actualization - harmony - RESPECT to the respectful - INTEGRITY and truth - MUSIC - ethical and compassionate treatment of ANIMALS - helping PEOPLE to the best of my ability - SMILING one more time today than I did yesterday, for NO REASON - finding MAGNIFICENCE in the mundane - ROMANCE - INDEPENDENCE - STRENGTH - blind FAITH and FREEDOM of FREE WILL- my precious Coolest Cat you'll ever meet *POSEIDON* - DETERMINATION to stay amibitious - being SELF-MOTIVATING, SELF-HEALING, SELF-SUSTAINING - helping others by HELPING my Self - keeping the SOUL OUT OF CHAINS & CAGES - LIBERATION of INNER SELVES - COLORS - ENJOYING MY LIFE... QUESTIONS, ANSWERS, INTELLECT - la la la.. SINGING, WRITING, DANCING, PUNCHING & KICKING, JUMPING fences.....

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Birthday:August 29
Music means to me:

Music is my drug of choice. I like it live & loud. I dance best to rock n roll. You'll find me up front or backstage. I sing my blues away when I'm by myself. I sing in comfortable company, and when I really just want to. I have bi-polar musical taste, I like it deep and dark and I like when I can feel the sunshine without the sun.


been to college, put it on pause to be with my little girl, going back this fall....

General Interests:

  • The creator of the first apple tree.
  • Creative entities.
  • Scott Weiland,
  • Trent Reznor,
  • Marilyn Manson.
  • Good teachers.
  • Random people in the streets of Los Angeles.
  • Tibetan monks.
  • Thai boxers.
  • Rogue agents.
  • Someone who truly doesn't have anything left to learn.

  • Other Distractions:


    at first glance you tried to hide

    like I would judge

    like I would hurt your pride

    I know inside you cry

    I know outside you lie

    to me, afraid you wouldn't look alive

    my faith in you is my pleasure too

    the feeling I can not match.

    did you ever want to hold until you couldn't let go?

    to become addicted to the soul?

    I enjoy the silent moments

    when I feel for a moment

    you know me

    I enjoy the silent moments

    when I feel for a moment

    you let yourself free.

    this life's not been easy,

    and I'm not sure what you mean to me.

    I've ventured in new waters

    and from the beginning,

    out too deep to stop swimming

    but there's no fear we'll stop living.

    and this is not a love poem

    this is an ode to a friend.

    when I look at you-

    I'm glad to see through,

    when I hear you-

    I'm glad to listen too,

    whatever you choose to show,

    I'm glad to know.

    and I just want to tell you I'll be there

    and not have you scare

    not be scared that I care

    or to wonder and ask why

    maybe you could just know

    maybe you do..

    that's just who I am inside,

    and she dies to show every side

    and in sympathy for strife-

    she finds life

    in holding and being held,

    warm comfort and friendship meld.

    you can hide if you want to hide

    I will never judge

    and I refuse to hurt your pride

    I know inside you've cried

    and it's okay if you don't want to show that side

    to me.

    I just wanted to tell you-

    when I look at you-

    I see through,

    when I hear you-

    I listen too,

    whatever you choose to show,

    I take notes to know.

    and this is not a love poem-

    just a sweet note to you sweet friend.

    ©Nicole L Colby 2005


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