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About me:Enviro-friendly, music feen, with CRAZY ambition to meet new people everyday. I love mother nature and all that she brings forth, i hunt whitetail deer, fish, hike, camp, currently a FT college student in NH, where i was raised. Need to be surrounded by renewable energy folk that have a desire to reduce our impact and carbon now!
Member Since:November 7, 2005
Last Login:March 23, 2010
Location:Keene, NH
Birthday:December 9
Music means to me:Freedom, on the right hand of life, soul searching, love, creativity, youth, the sunrise, motivation, anticipation, laughter and smiles....
Schools:College BS(soon to be)
General Interests:offsetting the current ways of life to better more efficient lifestyles
Other Distractions:missing shows, debt, insurance(lack there of)


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