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About me:Bluegrass is my first true love I am also partial to anything that would be approved by Jerome John Garcia. I have been known to enjoy a good New Orleans blues tune with bourbon... served neat of course. I can also get down to Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, Frank Zappa, Widespread Panic, Colorado high country poly-ethnic slam grass (Leftover Salmon), Pretty Lights. Oh and don't forget Redman and Method Man. I can't help but twist something when I bump these two.
Member Since:December 25, 2007
Last Login:March 7, 2009
Location:Fort Collins, CO
Birthday:August 24
Schools:B.A. of Political Science from Colorado State University (GO RAMS) Graduated May 2007
General Interests:Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair. Green Drinks. Rock climbing. Fishing with beautiful women. Backpacking. Going to shows. Reading. Playing slap the bag. Brewing my own beer. Riding my bike after consuming prior mentioned fermented hops. Cooking with the organic veggies from my garden.


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