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About me:My name's Cameron and I live in Arcata, CA. I like to travel, have fun, and enjoy life. I'm a generally happy person, and I love to laugh and go on awesome adventures. I hate just sitting around, and I may have a mild case of ADD. Oh well, it makes it so I do more and thus live life to the fullest.
Member Since:August 24, 2007
Last Login:January 17, 2008
Location:Arcata, CA
Birthday:February 5
Music means to me:I don't necessarily know what music means to me, I just know that music provides an essential medium for people to express themselves, and I love to hear it. Music also brings people together in a way that nothing else could.
Schools:Arcata High '07
Stanford University '11
General Interests:Snowboarding, partying, traveling, outdoor activities, hanging out, etc.
Other Distractions:I don't know what this is asking, or if it's at all diferent from the space above.


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