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About me:CREDO QUIA ABSURDUM (I believe it because it's absurd):

Serving the collective consciousness by dishing up awareness through absurdity, my side project, Hairy Carrion Arts provides a variety of services and products otherwise not available through more conventional art and design studios.

None of that corporate stick up butt wage slaving day job stuff here. We're iconoclasts!

Taking pride in creating delicious eye candy married to fearless, reckless or plain stupid humor is what you can count on. We call it genius. But then again, what the hell do we know?

With Hairy Carrion Arts you can sleep at night knowing that if something is wrong in the world at 3 a.m., we'll be too drunk to care. But when we get up the next afternoon, there will be a wicked graphic in process depicting it.

You see, at Hairy Carrion Arts nothing sacred. Not even our mommies. (
Member Since:April 28, 2008
Last Login:September 20, 2008
Birthday:October 7
Music means to me:what's life if we can't dance to the music, march to the beat of our own drums, make our music together? What? Then I'll dance to the music in my head, with or without you. I'm an iconoclast, remember? : )
Schools:skool of hard knocks
General Interests:Art, politics, making a living wage, winning the lottery, losing 20 pounds, never gaining back at Xmas, ending wars, taking naps in a hammock outside, all kinds of stuff.
Other Distractions:The internet, my bird, the cat, husband, music, clients, the voices in my head, good ideas, a good pun, a great joke, dinner, the phone....


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Boom Bash 6: October Surprise
Mon 9/15/2008 10:55AM
©2008 Hairy Carrion Arts/Boom Bash
Boom Bash 5: Where Cookie Monsters Meet Lounge Lizards
Wed 7/16/2008 9:59AM
Was it just me, or was the city a freaking ghost town on the 4th? It was a weird night in L.A. It seemed like there was no one on the road at all. And no one out and about. Where were you? Ya missed a great fucking gig. Do NOT tell me sucking on weenies and relish was more important than having a really good time watching live music with a bunch of really hot chicks. (And FYI, Rayko's Dig Jelly crowd brought in a bunch of really hot chicks, you losers
Boom Bash 4: E Pluribus Boom
Thu 6/19/2008 3:02PM