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About me:Im 33 and have been into music since i was like 6. I grew up listening to Zepplin, Sabbath, Floyd, Black Flag, Misfits. The greatest band that walks the face of the planet is Clutch. They are gods amongst mortals. Ive been playing bass for about 10 years and im currently getting a band together that i will be fronting.
Member Since:May 3, 2007
Last Login:May 3, 2007
Location:Chesterfield, MO
Birthday:June 14
Music means to me:Music means the world to me and if their wasnt any music then it would be a world of chaos and despair(more than there is now)
General Interests:Music,movies,cars,women,snowboarding,motorcycles(harleys or choppers, not crotch rockets),gears or war, and last but not least partying.
Other Distractions:Most horror movies, anything by Tarrantino, Marvel movies, etc. 24, Family Guy, South Park, Nip/tuck, Dirt. Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Dan Brown.


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