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About me:I like all types of music, and am always interested in finding new bands to get into. Right now I would say the sounds im most into are jazz/funk/electronica/trance/jam. Best way I could describe it haha
Member Since:March 6, 2009
Last Login:April 25, 2010
Location:Minot, ND
Birthday:August 30
Music means to me:Real music is an expression of the soul from the artist playing it. Whether it's soulful lyrics, a funky bass line, or just a straight dance party, I enjoy feelin the vibes flow from the speakers to my eardrums and straight to my heart.
Schools:Minot High School. Minot State University 2 years
General Interests:Televised programming, books, anything that expands my thinking
Other Distractions:Day to day life, the days and weeks leading up to a show


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