About me:Cloud Magic is the sound of dreaming. The rhythms from the earth get your feet moving, the melody of the human spirit gets you singing, and the sounds from beyond make you lose your mind. This is all part of the experience. Blending funk, jazz, psychedelia, and soul into one common medium, Cloud Magic takes you where you have never been before. If you want to know what this is really like, see us live, we will deliver!
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PUFF is here!!!
Tue 3/9/2010 7:46AM
Cloud Magic's debut album, "Puff", has been officially released for sale. To order a copy online, please go to
Debut Album PUFF!
Wed 12/9/2009 10:22AM
Our debut album entitled Puff will be available this December. We have the final mixes and are in the process of printing the physical copies. Come out to a show and get one. Or wait! and they will be available online after the new year