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About me:44-year-old father of 3, married 17 years and counting, born and raised in KY, living in GA since 89
Member Since:July 8, 2007
Last Login:August 25, 2011
Location:Macon, GA
Birthday:September 21
Music means to me:a fun time, a connection to the past, a way of expressing whatever i might be experiencing (or want to be feeling) at the time
General Interests:spending time with family, reading, listening to old Grateful Dead concerts, catching Ratdog whenever life allows me, playing fantasy football, watching college/pro football
Other Distractions:Movies: anything by the Coen brothers or Mel Brooks, Books: historical biographies, Harry Potter, Tolkien, Henri Nouwen, The Road Less-Traveled by Scott Peck, TV: Seinfeld and MASH reruns, Rescue Me with Denis Leary on F/X


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