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About me:In most aspects, I am an artist. I love to get my hands dirty and create something. I want to open peoples' eyes to something they haven't seen before. I'm a peace-monger, and a human-rights activist.
I love love to people-watch.
I embrace VARIETY...
I'm pretty quiet until I get to know you.
Wandering and hiking in the woods are two of some of my favorite activities.
I love to be on the go, and not always having a destination.
I LOVE anything that is old or vintage.
As most people in this world do, I LOVE music, Love might not even be a strong enough word :)
Member Since:August 12, 2008
Last Login:April 12, 2012
Location:Willimantic, CT
Birthday:November 3
General Interests:hiking, biking,hooping, beaching, people watching, sipping, knitting, playing, listening, humming, fruit picking, creating, appreciating, growing, teaching, learning, greeting, peace promoting, dancing, moving, grooving, going,

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