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About me:I want to know...are you kind?

I am just an animal looking for a home, share the same space for a minute of two
Member Since:March 29, 2005
Last Login:May 5, 2011
Location:Leverett, MA
Birthday:January 29
Music means to me:stuff that is important to me and others
Schools:(UMASS -BS Geology. UMASS-MS Igneous Petrology in progress) yes I like rocks very much and hopefully i will get to fly in helicopters, carry rifles, play with molten lava, shoot lasers, vaporize rocks, play with liquid nitrogen, climb mountains (some of which are volcanoes), descend in caves and collect crystals by pulling pieces of million year old art from the mother earth's breast, only with the utmost respect.
General Interests:geology, hiking, reading, guitar (switched back to the acoustic for now always amazed at how fluid the electric playing is after!)
Other Distractions:Cadence the yellow lab, she is british