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About me:aquarius, love the outdoors, music festivals, any type of music venue really, cooking, friends, being outside in beautiful weather, wine, chimineas, bikes, camping, travel, garage sales, flea markets, and embracing life and my absoluteness, and I am a mother =)
Member Since:May 21, 2007
Last Login:April 22, 2013
Location:Edmond, OK
Birthday:February 14
Music means to me:makes my movie more interesting
General Interests:UFOlogy, 4th Density, Photography, Cinematography, Family, Travel, Music, Art, Snow Boarding, Snow Ski, Mountain biking, SCUBA, Cycling, Golf, Disc Golf, People Watching, Wine, The Ocean, Culture, Coffee, Candles, Good Beer, Laughing, afro's, hammocks, chimineas, the mountains, the smell of rain, exotic food, cooking, Film, scooters, jewelry, belts, chocolate, spontaneity, dreams, friends who don't speak English, old rustic homes, camping, finishing other peoples sentences, searching for four leaf clovers, my first glass of Absinthe, spas, swimming naked in the ocean, and all the time I can spend with my son


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