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About me:I'm mostly fictional, but never imaginary, I'm here now at the Present Moment, But I won't be for Long, because it'll be "there" by "then".
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Music means to me:Music is my Salvation!
Schools:Life, Hard Knocks, Phish, Thought
General Interests:Singularity, 2012, Future, Buckminster Fuller, Pink Floyd, John and Yoko, Film, Hitch-Hikers Guides, Burning Man, Garage Band, Astrology, Massage, Inter-dimensional communication, The New Paradigm, Enlightenment, The Shadow, CG Jung, Tarot
Other Distractions:O woman, perfect woman! what distraction Was meant to mankind when thou wast made a devil! John Fletcher Monsieur Thomas, !

"Thinking is a momentary dismissal of irrelevancies," Buckminster Fuller,

A great and beautiful moment is rarely a distraction from your major purpose in Life -- stop and see it, feel it deeply, purely and completely. Yet, then move on. Effort to repeat a specific great and beautiful moment is almost always a distraction.
Laura Teresa Marquez
Source: Early Morning Conversation