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About me:Since I'm on this site you can conclude I love live music. I go out every chance I get to the clubs, theatres and festivals. I'm a quiet, peaceful upstate NY'er. I treat all with respect and no one ever has any trouble with me. I try to raise my conscious level to know the benefits/consequences my actions make on the earth and the people around me.
Member Since:February 23, 2005
Last Login:July 31, 2015
Location:Fairbanks, AK
Music means to me:Good times, great stimulation for the mind
General Interests:Backpacking and rock/ice climbing(Adirondacks and Catskills), cartoons, baseball, cars, grass, psychedelics, riding bicycle and motorcycle.
Other Distractions:Pulp Fiction, Dumb and Dumber, South Park, Simpsons, Full Metal Alchemist, Grapes of Wrath, J.R.R. Tolkien's books, One flew over the cuckoo's nest, I don't know many classic books


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