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About me:I am a fun loving mama who loves the great outdoors and good bluegrass music. I love warm fires on a fairly cool night in a warm hoody with my love and good friends under the stars getting down to some live music. I love my children the loves of my life and being with them as much as I can. They are the best friends and truest and most honest beautiful girls that were ever put on this planet and being with them is my ultimate and funnest part of my life,.
Member Since:October 10, 2009
Last Login:May 15, 2010
Location:Pekin, IL
Birthday:July 22
Music means to me:Music Music Music is the greastest part of my life besides my little girls. I love to listen to bluegrass and dance my buns off. I love music when I am happy, sad, mad, anytime of the day or night. Live music is my all time favorite though. And I have such an appreciation for those truly gifted people in every part of this amazing planet who plays an instrument and brings that amazing music and puts it out there for all to hear and appreciate. God bless you all. You are truly amazing and blesses with a beautiful gift of magic.
Schools:I attend Illinois Central College right now and I am just a freshman and am working my butt off to get good grades. For those of you who have graduated and made it I give you major props for this is hard work to accomplish and for those of you who are thinking of going should go for it. What do you have to loose. Nothing wrong with the power of KNOWLEDGE!!!!! School rocks
General Interests:I am interested in lots of things. Everything my children are interested in. I am into what my love of my life is interested in. I like quilting and patchworking I would love to learn how to make those beautiful pieces of art. I love art in general all of it. Glass blowers are amazing people who make some beautiful peice3s and anything that peiple make with their own two hands. I love going to music festivals, camping (but I think I am done with the tent camping I am ready to upgrade to the RV style.) I love to travel. There are some amazing and beautiful places on this planet that I would love to see everypart of some day.
Other Distractions:Distractions are a part of every persons life and life would not be the way it is with out it

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