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About me:I heal myself through the power of beautiful vibrations, play in two bands, and teach middle school. I am a poet, songwriter, and accomplished guitarist interested in every style of music. My love of life, people, laughter and fun keep me inspired continually, and I have practiced Nichiren Buddhism to keep a strong life-force amidst the chaos of the mundane world.
Member Since:September 6, 2005
Last Login:October 4, 2007
Location:Saint Joseph, MO
Birthday:July 13
Music means to me:Music is a mystical vibration. It is the most influential art-form. People dress, talk, act, and emulate personalities according to the music that resonates deep within their lives. It is the cosmic heart-beat connecting, rejuvinating, and inspiring other heart-beats to reach for a higher perspective. It is all about making the world a more fun place to live!!!
General Interests:Creating peace and friendship through dialogue and culture, interacting with young people, deep thinking is one of my favorite pasttimes, sunrises, sunsets, flowers, rainbows, dragonflies, butterflies, animals, camping out, studying philosophy, and moments of solitude and introspection.
Other Distractions:I love to laugh, read, and connect with the mystic law of the universe through many different cocreative interactions. Whatever one believes is creating life, we all can agree this entity must dig diversity. I celebrate this everyday by embracing it entirely.


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