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About me:Im boared all the time to the point were it makes me,think of wonders,ideas,constintly twideling my imagagtion. Im not a slave and I drive to fast. I've detroyed many vechiles in my life. Though I dont remember half the the brain trauma, that occurred. I try to offer complete insanity were ever I go. I just seems like its a constant battle for sanity sos skip sanity. About me will cont.
Member Since:November 3, 2006
Last Login:March 4, 2007
Location:Sullivan, OH
Birthday:June 30
Music means to me:I really dont understand the question.
Schools:Attended Classes In ,Arizona State,Humboldt State,Southern Cal,Kent-St,Berkly,Hartford,Ohio University,Ohio St.Bowling Green,3-Weeks-IFS, Lakleland CC.
General Interests:Political Science, Jungle Plants, Napping, Making Mola,ETC>Will Cont.Medicine,Doctors,Warfare,Cleanleness,ETC.Will-Cont.
Other Distractions:All Sorts Dont have the time so Ill


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