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About me:Founding member, guitarist and front man of the BBQ BROTHERS a Southern California based Jazz, Funk, Techno Jamband.
Member Since:July 6, 2004
Last Login:November 8, 2014
Location:Orange, CA
Music means to me:Traveling to festies, going to shows, recording and playing music in bands and solo. Raging it. Friends family and excperiences with potential for spiritual, mental and physical growth. Music means lights, lasers, smoke and balloons. Beach balls, drinking, singing, humming, whistling. Music is a language a sport a mathmatical deviation. Music is vibrations, melody, harmony, theory, art. A journey without destination. I can truley only express what music means to me in a musical setting. In song. Musical exploration opens worlds beyond any comprehension. Music is...
General Interests:micro brews, travel and living life to the fullest!!!
Other Distractions:POOPING MUSIC & SURFING


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St. Patrick's weekend...
Fri 3/14/2008 5:24PM
We got a gig tonight in HB @ The Marlin Bar with Naked Sun & Duo Shagg + special guests.  We will be in San Diego manana @ the Triple Crown, once again.  We are stoked to be back in the groove and will let ya'll know about some cool stuff on the horizon.  PEACE
Mon 1/28/2008 4:09PM

So 2008 has come.  BBQ BROTHERS find them selves in rehearsal for some upcoming gigs and festival appearances.  Can't wait to hear the new stuff?  Be at the Marlin Bar on Saturday, Feb. 2nd @ 9...

Wed 11/14/2007 12:42PM
I can't say that coventry was the best phish shows or festival I've been to, but those final phish moments kept me wanting more. Time will tell if we shall see their re-emergence in the future, one can only hope. In the mean time I'm taking in what I can where I can when I can