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About me:My name is Jade and I have been a Soldier in the US Army for almost 13 years. I joined JamBase because my busy career rarely allows me the opportunity to attend performances or shows that interests me. If a particular artist does come to my area or near to, I always miss out because either tickets are sold out or because of my priorities. I hope that this website will help me better plan for a great show.
Member Since:September 23, 2010
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Location:Columbus, GA
Birthday:February 19
Music means to me:Music has always been a huge part of my everyday life; from Pink Floyd to Nora Jones. In fact, Pink Floyd was the last concert I attended at the age of 16. I grew up listening to mostly Rock, Metal, and Industrial. Ironically, during this last deployment overseas, I discovered Ragaeetone. For some odd reason the cover of Daddy Yankee's Mundial intrigued me enough to purchase the CD. Prior to that I had no idea he existed. Sure I heard of Gasolina, but never followed the artist. Whats even more obscure is the fact that I can't understand a lick of what the man is saying, I am not Latina. My spanish is that of maybe a two year old child. But I love the album, the music is rythmic, and doesn't hold that same one/two back beat alot of latin music carries. I can differentiate between all the songs, and it is epic. This Daddy Yankee is genious! During the most intense moments in a combat zone, I would play DYs music and it really got me through. This individual has made such an impact on me, that I would actually go out of my way to attend a show. Unfortunately, his stateside tour was scheduled while I was overseas. Hopefully, I will get the chance next tour.
Schools:Central Texas Colege
General Interests:Family activities, Educatiion, Fitness, Career Advancement


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