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About me:I am 24 and I live in Arizona.  I am just starting a new chapter in my life and I am actually pretty happy about that. I feel like I missed out on some things that I really wanted to do in life, and now I am doing them.  Optimisim can get you anywhere.
Member Since:May 4, 2008
Last Login:September 21, 2015
Location:Lincoln, NE
Birthday:September 13
Music means to me:I love almost all kinds of music, but what I love the most is turning on something that makes me move, moves my soul and practically breaks my eardrums.  :)
General Interests:I love all kinds of art, espeially jewelry design ( floral design, photography, painting, drawing and making mosaics.  I like to get out of my hosue as much as possible, see shows, ride bikes, camp, explore, go down the river,  play sand volleyball, polish horsehoes...just have fun.
Other Distractions:Right now, I just want to find that little curvy road that looks like you just have to see where it leads even if it is a bad idea...and I want to run down it.


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