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About me:Live music is one of my favorite things. Shows I've been to include: lots of little known local bands, indie bands, big music festivals, ska, punk, electronica, raves, jambands, goth, jazz, funk, reggae, psychedelic, bluegrass, musicals, classical, opera, etc. It's all fun for me. There are so many more bands I want to see! Add me if you want to be friends. :)
Member Since:December 28, 2008
Last Login:April 18, 2013
Location:Austin, TX
Birthday:December 30
Music means to me:fun times, energy, transcendence, expression, connectedness, shaking my butt around, feeling, being alive...
General Interests:adventures, ageplay, altered states of consciousness, animals, art, art museums, backpacking, bars, bdsm, biology, board games, books, burning man, camping, cats, cheese, chocolate, clothes, clubbing, cooking, critters, cuddling, dancing, disneyland, emotions, entomology, erowid, evolutionary biology, feminism, food, frogs, garlic, genetics, herpetology, hiking, intense experiences, invertebrates, karaoke, kissing, laughing, learning, livejournal, lucid dreams, mdma, modern art, monkeys, mud, music, nature, painting, parasitoids, parties, peppers, personal growth, photography, plants, psychedelics, puppy play, rain, raving, reading, road trips, roller coasters, school, science, sexuality, shoes, shopping, shrooms, singing, smart people, spanking, tattoos, teaching, the outdoors, tomatoes, travel, trees, tropical rain forests, trying new things, used bookstores, wildlife, wind, words, writing, yoga


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