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About me:if it's live and it's music then i'm ready to get down. i was spoiled living in Portland Oregon where there are awesome shows every night of the week, so i'm a little worried about suffering from withdrawal here on oahu, so please let me in on the scene people! what's happening?
oh yeah, about me, basically i'm a sweetheart but i can get sassy with a couple drinks in me. watch out. i like to rage but am supa chill.
Member Since:August 14, 2006
Last Login:April 13, 2014
Location:Honolulu, HI
Birthday:January 25
Music means to me:soul. happiness.
Schools:University of South Carolina, University of Hawaii
General Interests:cultural anthropology (people!), ethnobotany (plants!), biking, hiking, the beach, conversation, coffee, books, the tao, MUSIC
Other Distractions:potlucks, yoga, waterfalls, rainbows, the simpsons, dave chappell, anything that makes me laugh which is really easy, foreign films, juicing


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