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About me: Settled into environmental education, on my off time, i'm a rover,a raving lover, lovely lady, and i love america, tis so beautiful. Long drives and passing countless lines on the road.
Hail the south and the north and I need to see more of the rocky rouge western world.
SE kids rock this world!
can't wait for cheese tour!
Member Since:July 5, 2005
Last Login:March 31, 2008
Location:Memphis, TN
Birthday:July 21
Music means to me:that I'm full .. it keeps me alive.
General Interests:geography, geo-caching, compulsive hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, volunteering, reading, wondering about everything.
I like studying, soak up what you can and understand the life that you live in, i want to know and do, it's not all about partyin.
Other Distractions:picking up on banjo


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