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About me:Work hard. Play hard. Absolutely love meeting new, kind, looking to have a good time, people. I can't stand to miss a good show, but I have to more often than I'd like so I have an amazing ever growing circle of friends that keep me abreast of set lists, the scene, etc.
Member Since:December 12, 2005
Last Login:October 15, 2007
Location:Greensboro, NC
Birthday:May 1
Music means to me:Music is about as important as breathing to me. It doesn't matter what it is I'll give a listen. Live shows rule for the complete music experience.
Schools:UNC-Greensboro,Guilford College,UNC-Wilmington,East Carolina
General Interests:Of course music,playing bass,cooking,SHOWS,cosomology and science in general(all disciplines and schools),gaming,philosophy
Other Distractions:adult swim,fav. book The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich,curb your enthusiasm,of course the ladies,Macon(my hound dog),just name a few because i'm getting distracted now


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