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About me:I am a 25 year old St Paul res via california and Madison wisconsin. I work as a underwriter for a large national lender. I play rugby for the St Paul Pigs. When I am not working or with the rugby club, I listing to music and read extensivly.
Member Since:May 1, 2006
Last Login:June 26, 2015
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:March 2
Music means to me:in one word everything
Schools:Madison West High, Saint Olaf College, Univeristy of Aberdeen (junior year)
General Interests:I play rugby with the Saint Paul Pigs Rugby club. I read extensivly, as well as listen to copious amounts of music. I am far left wing democrat with a serious lean toward the greens
Other Distractions:Almost Famous, Dr Strangelove, Office Space, I have recently started reading Fantasy novels (I know this makes me a NERD), I also enjoy crime novels and political Bios and histories,The OC, Lost, Simpsons, Family Guy, Thundercats,


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