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About me:i love goin to see live music, with or without a beer in hand, i love it! love to dance, chill, and enjoy life!!
Member Since:April 28, 2008
Last Login:November 19, 2013
Location:Springfield, MO
Birthday:November 1
Music means to me:anything you want, takes you to that special place, takes u out of that bad place (your mind at least) or physically, just follow the music! music gets people talking, dancing, and laughing and hav'n a good ole time!! the soul craves it, your body loves it, and the brain cant get enough of it! music is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schools:all, except college (for now maybe)
General Interests:cooking, scraping, traveling, all festivals! what else is there!?
Other Distractions:distractions? work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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