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About me:Love livin' in AK... hate missin' all the music "down south"

Wandering the woods, mountainsides & ocean beaches appreciating all of nature's little wonders... :)

Besides that I've been told/believe I'm a fantastic cook, good listener, amazing lover, champion kickball captain, ever-improving 1st grade teacher, jammin KXLL-FM d.j. and pretty darn good photographer, snowboarder, kayaker, mtn biker, rock-climber, fisherman & friend :)
Member Since:October 8, 2001
Last Login:About 6 days ago
Location:South Haven, MI
Birthday:June 4
Music means to me:Unbelievable happiness!
Takes me away! & Brings me back!
Connecting with people!
And, it can help kids learn!
Schools:Carmel High School - Mundelien, IL
St. Mary's of Minnesota - Winona, MN
Winona State University - Winona, MN
University of Alaska-Southeast - Juneau, AK
General Interests:Raging rock shows
Late-nite dance-parties
Bluegrass dancing
Micro-brewery & winery roadtrips
Cooking & throwing dinner parties
Being romantic out in the wilderness
Becoming a better artist/musician/actor
Seeing/experiencing more of the wide world.......
Other Distractions:Sunsets; Birds singing; Traveling; Other peoples' kids; Finding my soulmate;


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