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About me:I was raised all around New England and found a resting spot in northeast CT with several heads, madd good kids. QCK represent! I am out and about and you will probably find yourself stumbling into me at some show or festi sometime somewhere... I will be there.
Member Since:June 5, 2007
Last Login:August 17, 2007
Location:Putnam, CT
Birthday:December 4
Music means to me:music to me means something beyond description, which is simply description enough for those who feel me.
Schools:pomfret community school, woodstock academy, eastern ct state university,
General Interests:im interested in life, and the unexplained, unfound, unknown, and...
Other Distractions:I do my damndest to look past all the distractions, but i cant resist adult swim, family guy, futurama,


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