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About me:I am a happy music lovin , concert goin Mom !
I love going to almost any concert I can possibly go to
-the loves of my life , my boys and my music . Family comes first ! I live one day a time (and one show at a time) :)
Member Since:March 27, 2008
Last Login:March 27, 2008
Location:Yorktown Heights, NY
Birthday:July 17
Music means to me:Music is my main stress release - I was trained in classical piano for many years but due to a series of accidents my piano playing days were cut short- it used to be the only thing that kept me saine - now I release my tension by listening to others play - music takes me to another place that can not be described by words - it's a feeling and for me it's a fact !!
Schools:high school
General Interests:personal recovery
Other Distractions:KIDS and FRIENDS


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