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About me:I am currently majoring in Physiology at the University of Arizona and will graduate in the beginning of May. I will be moving back to Flagstaff and work as a wildland firefighter for the forest service for a couple more summers. Eventually will go back to school to get my masters as a physicians assistant.
Member Since:March 23, 2007
Last Login:October 12, 2011
Location:Flagstaff, AZ
Birthday:January 5
Music means to me:I listen to music all the home, the car, on campus. I would say music is a big part of my life from listening to it to relax or to get pumped up. Also enjoy playing...i played the saxaphone for 8 years but gave that up for the guitar and have been playing that for a few years now.
Schools:University of Arizona, Flinders University (Adelaide, South Australia)
General Interests:Music, outdoors, travel


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