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About me:Just trying to make a living and doing the best I can.
Member Since:July 1, 2010
Last Login:August 18, 2010
Location:Branford, CT
Birthday:July 25
Music means to me:Music is a form of expression; sometimes too difficult to express in human words. To me music can be a way of freeing the soul of unexplainable feelings, surfacing from only the rhythmic vibrations that pattern into the mind. Music is as important for humanity as art in general. Without music mankind would be lost, our sense of relief would always diminish and without a doubt life would be less profound. Generations of audiences will enjoy the energy that is created by the wonderful beholders of the instrument and the vibes that fluctuate between them and the crowd. Music will last forever and will always remain one of the greatest gifts of life.
General Interests:I play guitar proficiently, any serious musician who lives in the area and is interested in playing in the band should contact me. heavily influenced by blues rock, psychedelia retro style
Other Distractions:contact me

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