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About me:I might be a little stuck in the 80s. What can I say? It was a great decade for music-especially in Southern California! Good times, GREAT music. X, The English Beat, Elvis Costello, The Cult, Oingo Boingo, U2. Thanks for getting me through adolescence...
Member Since:June 21, 2010
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Location:Plano, TX
Music means to me:(see above) But music has gotten me through life in general, not only the teen years when things seemed so complicated and confusing. Looking back, I wish life had stayed that uncomplicated. It's had its ups and downs and my music has been there to get me through and create memories. I guess it's not my music, I just have always thought of it that way.
General Interests:all things intriguing and dogs
Other Distractions:reading and wasting time online...


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