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About me:From the Mississippi River Blues Beginnings I grew up in as a 14-year-old electric guitar-playing band member in St Louis, Missouri, where I had the pleasure of hanging out at the Lindy Ballroom and Roller Skating Rink where Ike and Tina Turner were playing... Soaked in the Chuck Berry ecstasy of alcoholic rural partytimes... To the Tear-Soaked musical high-altitude musical majesties of the Peruvian Andes... To the Time-stopping hesitation Black Hole musical mysteries of Athens, Greece... To the Divine Feminine Eternal Worship Dance in the Telepathically Jeweled Musical Venues of Cairo, Amman and Damascus... To 70,000 miles of Touring the Amalgam Mix of the Cauldron called the USA... I have had the amazing wild ride of a lifetime spent playing for people to dance... I use the Oud, the Fretless Turkish Banjo, the Egyptian Flutes, my Voice... I weave the magic and the magic weaves me... Come Sing and Dance and Play with me... Love Love Love... Cameron
Member Since:April 22, 2013
Last Login:February 5, 2015
Location:Boulder, CO
Birthday:January 1
Music means to me:We are made of music!
Schools:Egypt, Greece, South America
General Interests:World Peace
Other Distractions:Love love love!


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