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About me:30ish married, mother of one adorable little girl ,business professional with a split soul. Half of me want to climb the corporate ladder and pay my mortgage and the other half of me wants to wear dreads, live in the woods, grow my own food and make jewelry and drums.
Member Since:January 31, 2009
Last Login:July 14, 2010
Location:Fort Myers, FL
Birthday:July 20
Music means to me:Music has always been a cornerstone for me...started out with CCR as my stepdad played bass by ear and had tons of records. My love of music was furthered by an ex who jammed introduced me to SRV, WSP, ABB, CDB etc. I get such a high from collective live music and the vibe especially at my favorite venue...Wanee
General Interests:Camping, drinking at the beach, boating, and field dressing animals. :) Yes I PETA.
Other Distractions:Making jewelry and clothes for my little hippie baby who makes my soul shine. :)


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