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About me:Just moved to Asheville, NC; this is an amazing place, the views, people and the music seen. Scottsdale was fun while I was there but this change is for the better. Asheville, you rock!
Member Since:January 30, 2007
Last Login:June 30, 2009
Location:Scottsdale, AZ
Birthday:October 19
Music means to me:Never limiting yourself to one thing. Always listen to whats around you and then decide whether it is good or bad. If it make you want to move (physicaly, sexual, mentaly, metaconativly), its all good to me.
Schools:Mt. Ararat High school
Scottsdale Culinary Institute
General Interests:wine, vodka/ gager, food, inner workings of group behavior, exstrem foods, and most things colored green
Other Distractions:Love horror films. The only thing I love more then horror films is tatoos. Getting them, watching friends get inked, seeing people colorful skin. I love tatoos. There is just something about watching a needle tred over flesh, who knew.
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Sun 10/28/2007 1:20AM
So my roomate has just shit her pants.  I am not sure what to make of this other then I am not leaning up her mess.  How I love the others for bagging up her cloths.  i WOULD SAY THAT i AM SORRY BUT i DON'T BABYSIT.  (excusse the cap lock)  Any way I think ASU won, and some how I managed to find my way back from Phoenix.  Any who, the night is young, I am off and hopfully I will make it to work on time.  night
Tue 9/25/2007 3:31PM
That sounds like a fucking Great summer, Gabe.  the only real show I made it to this summer was Bannaroo, THat was afucking time.  Ate lots of acid, that we bought from Panda.  Got lost for eight hours before and after the tool show.  Also at some point on my solo adventure got in to a fight with Buda (DON'T ASK HE STARTED IT).  At ine point Ingrid and I deside to ditch Sophie because she was flipping out on us for no reson.  So went to the alnight Solar rega show at the smoothie bar.  THe shows were all awsome and the drugs plentiful but seprizingly the thing I remeber most fondly was the giant baloons we had to use in order to navigate the camp ground.  It is just something about the way they reflected the light at night make me never look at another baloon the same again.
Another day
Sun 9/23/2007 1:38PM

Dirty Little Secrets are always fun, imperticully when it involves the location of a new peirsing. ;)  Scottsdale is a weird place and oddly enough I have yet to see any shows sence ariving here. (I am still pissed I missed Marilyn Manson show) Yes, I know I need to get off my lazy ass and do something about it.  Things should be changing soon though, Genatortures (I tolally butchuered that name)  play on the sixth.  It will be sweet.  Latter