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About me:Love the Dead, love music, people, animals, life in general! Got my family in tow, 5 dogs and 10 (I swear these cats came to me from the neighbor's barn!)cats. Big believer of happiness is what you make it.
Member Since:June 3, 2007
Last Login:October 17, 2011
Location:Clemmons, NC
Birthday:May 19
Music means to me:Everything. I'd rather be blind than deaf. Actually my eyesight is pretty crappy anyway.
Plus, my friends and lovers have always been musicians. I am a magnet for musical folks.
Schools:East Carolina, Greenville NC
General Interests:Music, Family, Friends, Sushi, Dogs, Outdoor music festivals
Other Distractions:Don't watch much t.v., dog park, the dog friendly pub, musicians, wish there were cows in the pasture instead of horses! Shrooooooom


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