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About me:Band leader, Paa Kow, is an international touring drumset player, composer, director, and teacher of music. He has shared the stage with African greats: Kojo Antwi, George Darko, Hugh Masekela, Vusi Mahlasela, Amakye Dede, as well as American Greats: Victor Wooten, Michael Kang and Chris Berry's Panjea. Growing up in a small village called Enyan Denkyra near Cape Coast in Ghana, West Africa, Paa Kow has become widely recognized as one of the most remarkable drumset players to tour in Africa, Europe, and America. Paa Kow believes that music is a spiritual conversation, and he displays a unique ability to speak to listeners with his drums. Paa Kow's songs are captivating and danceable--the lyrics are a mixture of his native language, Fante Twi and English, making his music accessible to international audiences. In an unforgettable display of talent, Paa Kow's By All Means Band bridges the gap between Ghana and America.

Joel Michael Timm is a trombonist at University of Colorado. He has studied under many of Colorado's top musicians, including Darren Kramer, Bill Stanley, Brad Goode, John Gunther, Art Lande and Dale Bruning. In 2008, he traveled to Accra to study with Ayitey Appiah, Ghana's premier trombonist. His experiences in West Africa included sharing the stage with Ghanaian legend George Darko at a rally for Nana-Akufo Addo, 2008 Presidential candidate.

Guitarist, Aaron Fichtner, grew up in Chicago and got his music degree at CU Boulder. After joining CU's West African Highlife Ensemble, where he met Paa Kow and Joel in 2007, his enthusiasm for African music has snowballed and fostered a trip to Kumasi, Ghana where he studied with legendary palm-wine guitar revivalist, Koo Nimo. His emotionally charged guitar playing combines the rhythmic essence of African music with the blues and jazz.

Solomon Goldbas, from upstate New York, has played music since childhood; he picked up the guitar at age 12, then later studied jazz performance at University of Illinois-Chicago. He has toured with a number of bands including The Silverback Teeth and The Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Justin Fichtner, born and raised in Chicago, discovered the sounds of the conga when he was 17. After traveling to Kumasi, Ghana to study drumming and Ghanaian culture, he moved to Colorado where he attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 2008, Justin met Paa Kow and began to develop rapidly as a drummer and a musician under his tutelage. Intensive training and exposure to new music has instilled in him a passion for complex rhythms and grooves.

Noah Fulton-Beale, Boulder native, is a trumpet major at CU. His musical adventures span a wide range of styles, and he brings groove and creativity on all of his journeys. He performs regularly with CU's various Jazz and Classical ensembles.

Andrew Simons received a Bachelor's Degree in Jazz Bass Performance from the University of Memphis in 2006, studying under Tim Goodwin. He has performed as a freelance musician, recorded, and taught music lessons in the Memphis area for 10 years before relocating to Colorado in July 2011. He has performed with notable musicians such as Kurt Elling, Eric Marienthal, Luis Bonilla, Peter Hyrka and the Gypsy Hombres, as well as a host of local Memphis favorites such as Grace Askew, Groundspeak, Orquesta Caliente, Cotton and Coal, Dan Montgomery, Jeremy Schrader the Memphis Hepcats.
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