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About me:my name is matt. i live in upstate new york about a half an hour away from where moe.down is held. i love goin to as many concerts and festivals as i possibly can.i love the outdoors, camping, partying with friends and meeting new people.
Member Since:March 9, 2007
Last Login:September 15, 2008
Location:Adams, NY
Birthday:February 18
Music means to me:to me music is everything in so many ways it helps me wind down and chill out it brings people together and it is always changing. if i didnt have music in my life i woudnt be who i am today at all
Schools:south jefferson central high school
General Interests:music, anything outdoors, movies, that sweet sweet sativa, partying, hanging out,playing guitar and my djembe and just all around having as much fun as i can
Other Distractions:the doors, dazed and confused, fear and loathing in las vegas, bongwater, concert dvds, blow, scarface, will ferrell movies, cops, that 70's show, ufc and pride fighting


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