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About me:Loved Phish when everything was good. Still miss them, but times change and so do people. I'm currently the lead guitarist in Parasomnia and I just love playing guitar. I'm also a Senior at Penn State University and can't wait to move back out to Colorado to teach Elementary School.
Member Since:March 11, 2005
Last Login:August 30, 2010
Location:Grand Junction, CO
Birthday:November 27
Music means to me:Everything, you can speak to people without opening your mouth. I can tell you how I feel by a note. It's so much more than audio, it's a language, and artform that is to be appreciated. I'm glad we have it!
Schools:Altoona Area High School, Pennsylvania State University 08'
General Interests:Jammin', love hunting and being outdoors. Seeing live bands, chatting on Music Forums, and just creating new sounds with my FX board. Also studying elementary education at PSU, and physical geography as a minor.
Other Distractions:Star Wars,Scrubs,House,Music Forums,T.V., guitar, family,, life.


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