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About me:Currently I am in a period of massive self rediscovery. Five years ago I left Seattle in the hopes of developing a self sustaining enviroment in eastern Washington.I found myself treading a path that many before me had followed. Lacking forsight I moved to a remote mountaintop near Wauconda Washington, in the beginning of winter, with no survival skills. Luckily I discovered a family that did what they could to set me on the right path. I learned how to cut wood, do basic construction and how to participate appropriately in a tight knit community. After a couple of years a dispute developed with the original land owners and I was forced to abandon my farm and explore other options. It's taken me a while but I feel I'm starting to understand where I fit. At present I work as an alternative lifestyle consultant in Seattle. I enjoy listening to jam bands, reggae music, and improvisational music of all types. Every year I participate in assembling the Okanogan Family fair. I am interested in studying linux, hydroponics, and alternative energy. I have worked as a solar power consultant, as well as a network administrator. Sometimes I live off grid in a solar powered home and spend a good portion of my time gardening and playing guitar... For the time being I am living in Seattle, allthough I miss the commune very much. Variety IS the spice of life and I guess I would rather my life be spicey as opposed to bland.

I'm really just trying to enjoy myself. I like to have a good time. I'm really trying to break out of my automatic response loop. I actually want to live every moment of life to it's fullest. I'd like to train myself to make the best decisions possible. I'm trying to focus on my goals and eliminate my problems. In the end I'm really looking for happiness, I want to live a life totally free.
Member Since:December 23, 2007
Last Login:July 8, 2008
Location:Seattle, WA
Birthday:August 30
Music means to me:Everything
Schools:Viterbo University
La Crosse,Wisconsin
Graduated: N/A
Degree: None
Major: Theatre / Design
Minor: English
Clubs: Z-Space Artists Coop
General Interests:Well... I've had some pretty intense hydroponics training. Well... lets see... what else? OH yeah! I immersed myself in theatrical lighting design for a good portion of my teenage years.
Other Distractions:In the last few years I've gotten quite good at chopping wood. I've been on a Meme engineering kick lately. I'm a jack of all trades really, master of none...


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