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About me:I'm just a laid-back 19 year old music lover, warehouse worker, and Rasta man. I love going to shows, camping, hiking, meditating, smoking, doing yoga, living, and loving. Currently trying to be the change I wish to see in the world.
Member Since:February 7, 2005
Last Login:June 1, 2011
Location:Swannanoa, NC
Birthday:September 19
Music means to me:Music is what opened (and continues to open) up my mind to a new way of being. Music is truly the universal language, and is used as a means to spread light to a downtrodden and wasteful world.
Schools:Fuhqin Waste
General Interests:music, meditation, yoga, walking, learning guitar, poetry, reading, smoking, drinking, burning fires, dancing, stargazing, soulsearching, and paradigm-shifting
Other Distractions:eh... i like half-baked a lot, my favorite shows are austin city limits, soundstage, jubilee, SNL, and anything that doesn't feel like a waste of life energy. Books... Jane Goodall's Harvest for Hope, Thoreau's Walden, the Bible is pretty cool too, oh yea and On The Road from Kerouac.


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