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About me:I am 28, married with a two year old daughter. I don't get to go to as many shows as I once did as a young traveling tour hopper. I mainly stay around the indianapolis area including midwest festi's.
Member Since:December 22, 2006
Last Login:December 23, 2009
Location:Evansville, IN
Birthday:December 15
Music means to me:A release from the everyday grind, a way to break free from routine, and basically a way to bliss out and have fun.
Schools:Mt. Vernon High School, University of Southern Indiana
General Interests:Cooking, Drums, Reading, anything outdoors, going to as many shows that my wife will allow, hanging out with family
Other Distractions:My two year old daughter keeps me to busy for any other distractions, but I do love to read when I get a chance. Kill your TV. Movies: Love watching movies, mainly kid stuff now, my daughter is real into sponge bob,


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