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About me:GOOD TIMIN'!
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Birthday:July 22
Music means to me:EVERYTHING!
Schools:Blackburn College, SIC, SIU-C
General Interests:books, music, writing, festivals, good people, good herb, hiking(most outdoor activities)
Other Distractions:the godfather(all parts), fear and loathing, the big lebowski, old school kung-fu flicks, any musical dvd's i can pick up

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new move
Sat 10/6/2007 6:53PM
so once again i find myself on the way out of one door and into another. I'm getting ready to move to a new city, and I am looking forward to the opportunities that await me. Besides finding a job that I can actually stand for a lengthy duration of time, the prospective amount of shows that will be available to me is heavy on my head. Not only that, but a chance to meet a lot of new dead phriendly kin-folk is exciting to me. On top of all this, I'm am looking forward to the challenge of really digging deep within myself and pull out some type of amazing substance, something I've never known and to grasp it and focus it on my writing.